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I love how as the sun starts to set the skies above my neighbourhood come alive with bats. It’s probably thanks to a couple of seemingly abandoned buildings in the vicinity, in which bats can roost during the daytime hours.

Oh yes, I have a Pop Culture Destruction up on Schlock Magazine! I’m trying a new schedule involving shorter posts every two weeks, rather than monthly megaposts, because readers’ time/attention is probably/surely at premium? Anyway I opine on Edge of Tomorrow and Snowpiercer as videogame movie, as well as The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley. Check it out, if you will. 

Since I feel like promoting this - my column over at Shlock Magazine, POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION, is BACK! It arises, from the grave! Within I join my friend Lara to discuss Under the Skin, before fellow Schlocker Teodor reviews Jeff Vandermeer’s Authority and I’m joined by another friend, Robert, in talking about the first issue of Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity in audio form!

Also I write some nonsense on the new Doctor Who, wherein I compare myself to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Sometimes I have an ego, if one entirely in the service of comedy.

Anyway, do check it out, if you will? 


I’ve had my heart hurt this month. Hurt, I tell you! I’ve been accused of not introducing people to the good stuff stuff in a timely enough manner. Me, the POP CULTURE DESTROYER! Thus this month’s columns is at pains to push what I believe is the coolest shit around. Also to badmouth the baddest of cultural detritus, since one has to take all good with the bad. And if you fail to take my recommendations, for whichever prejudices, then it’s entirely YOUR LOSS. Don’t come whining to me!

The month’s nearly over, so it’s as good a time as any to pimp my review column over at Schlock Magazine. Therein I opine on, oh, NOAH, JODOROWSKY’S DUNE, KILL LA KILL, TRUE DETECTIVE, MERCENARY KINGS and my absolute favourite thing of the month, DONYATSU, a comic about donut cats. Also my good man/Schlock c-editor Teodor joins me in the ever-so-literate BOOKS section. Go check it out okay?

I always forget to pimp my monthly review digest here on Tumblr, but anyway - here is the March edition of POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION, where I basically talk about stuff that catches my fancy. This month: ROBOCOP, Jeff Vandermeer’s ANNHILATION, Nathan Edmonson and Alison Sampson’s GENESIS and the Warren Ellis MOON KNIGHT reboot, among others. Oh, and very early thoughts on the KILL LA KILL finale. Hell yeah! 

I am writing this in an aluminium tube many miles above the ground that’s taking me all the way to Amsterdam. For work, not pleasure, natch. But anyway. Enjoy this reawakening of Schlock from the slumber that was hiatus – not that there’s any difference between hiatus and regular working hours at Schlock HQ, mind. Whenever I visit, all I see is the Hive Mind lounging around on lawn chairs, drinking gin-based cocktails* and plotting genteel way of murdering one another. Except for Teodor who, as recently revealed, is actually a Playmobil figure.

Been thinking I might as well pimp this dumb pop culture review I do over at Schlock Magazine on this here Tumblr, so that’s what I’m doing. Anyway, contained within are opinions on the likes of Pacific Rim (I liked it!) Bioshock Infinite (didn’t like it!) and Gatchaman CROWDS (surprisingly liked it), among others, as well as short news tidbits and other such nonsense. Go check it out, or don’t! » POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION – #LIKETHATSEXTYOURMOMSENTMETHATONETIME 

Recall how I have a semi-monthly pop culture column over at Schlock Magazine? Of course you do. And now it’s back with words about Chinese epics, sleeping dogs, The Knife’s latest and, of course, sex. As you do. Anyway, check it out.


As the year inches towards an inevitable end, the writer takes it upon himself to indulge in unhealthy amounts of reflection. And, at the moment, said reflection heads towards the noble art of manliness. What does it mean to be a man? 

Oh yes POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION returns as a regular monthly feature over at Schlock Magazine! Within you’ll not only find my important ruminations on masculinity, but also opinions on the likes of Skyfall, Looper, The Nao of Brown and even more! 

Go check it out okay. 

Just for shits and giggles I decided to upload “my” section of Schlock’s latest podcast as separate podcast-type thing. Yes, POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION has gone all audio!

Music used comes from Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead and the title track from the Dragon Quest VIII soundtrack…  


Why yes it’s that time of the month - no, not that but THAT, when a new issue of Schlock Magazine is on the airwaves and I present my second column of a pop-cultural nature - POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION ! 

This issue, I take a look at John Carter, Mass Effect 3, A Game of Thrones (season 2) and even more! 


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