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Do you know how many dragons Iella draws? It’s basically the most dragons. 


Here is my new mini project :3 


Alice in Mirrorland chapter 0, Nicolas Nemiri (2007) 

A discussion on the Book of Faces (on absolutely dreadful locally produced flick Silhouette, of all things) led to a friend coming up with KLANG THE INEVITABLY RUTHLESS, and this piece of nonsense just had to ensue. 

Oh hey I can “draw” right. 




art book ENCORE

click ^

I am upset that that whoever was in charge of setting up Eric Canete’s Tumblr uploaded 2 years worth of art in less than one week instead of queuing it all up to future-post like 2 or 3 images a day for like, the next 3 months.

Now after having this deluge of art, my dashboard is gonna suffer a Canete drought.


What he said up there (although I believe it’s Eric Canete himself who set up that there tumblr?) 

In a better world this comic not only exists, it is found in all the languages in the world. Or at least English. 


>no one will ever scan Kinu Nishimura’s adorable otoge/reverse-harem doujin pitch

sadfrog.jpg (NSFW ads everywhere)


One of two of my illustrations in Schlock Magazine’s latest issue

Nel has some Good Art in this month’s Schlock Magazine. Perhaps you should check it out.  

There’s a Corto Maltese exhibition going on at St. James Cavalier as we speak - just in time for Malta Comic Con 2012 -  and all I have to offer is a set of crummy mobile phone snaps. Either way, good to see Corto return to his homeland. 

It’s nearly September and a good a time as any for dumb self portraiture.

And another comics and illustration master shuffles this mortal coil - Sergio Toppi, one of the true geniuses of the form. 


One can’t go wrong with reblogging Mignola. 

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