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Patrick Alexander’s 22 Panels That Always Work!!

Useful resource for pros.


Point Blank by Darwyn Cooke


keep going on with DKS guys, you know this one….  I think the Pursuer is one one the most charismatic boss, even character from Dark Souls II. His combat style is also very good, the way he swing his ultra great sword and force you to avoid in differents ways… the first encounters with him are so cool, except if like me you tried the Champion covenant because the stone in Majula looks nice, and wanted to fight like a real champion with only caestus….. this is soooo SHORT range, ah…. better come back later with some bastard sword…. heheh


These two drawings are part of a little compilation of short stories and drawings I did as a present for a friend. Foolin’ around. 


Spidergwen!! The second coolest superhero costume out right now. ;)

Since I feel like promoting this - my column over at Shlock Magazine, POP CULTURE DESTRUCTION, is BACK! It arises, from the grave! Within I join my friend Lara to discuss Under the Skin, before fellow Schlocker Teodor reviews Jeff Vandermeer’s Authority and I’m joined by another friend, Robert, in talking about the first issue of Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity in audio form!

Also I write some nonsense on the new Doctor Who, wherein I compare myself to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Sometimes I have an ego, if one entirely in the service of comedy.

Anyway, do check it out, if you will? 


Morning Warmup: OMAC


Cramped hand flashbacks.


Copra #8 (Copra Press - July 2013)

Writer/Illustrator: Michel Fiffe

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