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This game about alpaca-based Cronenbergs remains rather distressing.


Rinko Kikuchi for Jalouse China December 2013 by Jumbo Tsui

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A bit of a distraction doodle that I’ve been wanting to draw since seeing the recent Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct stream. I’m glad that Zero Suit Samus is a separate character now, but like a majority of the internet, I do find her heels to be an odd choice. Also, I think I like the Zero Mission version a bit more than the Other M one. ( in addition to being associated with Other M haha )

Anyway, it turns out I love the idea of Samus wearing shoes. It’s silly to have the need justify her being on equal footing with the others. That reason makes absolutely no sense in something like Smash Bros. lol. 

Therefore, here are some sneakers ;3; I feel like that’d fit her better than cyber high heels. The fabulous AND deadly approach fits more with someone like Bayonetta than it would with Samus. To me, sneakers are more of a sporty sexy + more naked than naked appeal. Drew the other shoes for the hell of it.

But still, both versions of Samus in Smash yay! ( Midna not as a playable character boooo XD; )


Favourite animators: You Yoshinari (吉成曜)

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Hattie Watson. LA. 2013. Leica M6 78.

(Styled by: Julie, HMU by: Vera Delgado)



Woodblock prints of Hiroshi Yoshida

*Man, ukiyo-e prints with a Western art-perspective look downright hallucinogenic


The Raid 2: Berandal (2014), dir. Gareth Evans

Fuck everything else.


Le quatrieme pouvoir



*This should prove handy in getting some work done today; thanks a lot, 

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