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I haven’t really been able to post many things I’m working on, but I’m trying to finish this very old Moleskine I have from my school days, so lots of pencil sketches.


Guardians of the Galaxy UI screen Milano Weather Systems Territory


As Earle Bergey is to Barbarella, Allan Anderson is to Xena Warrior-Princess.

While Bergey’s cover girls were all cutesy miniskirts & ray guns, Anderson’s were chain-mail & badass battle-axes. And none more so than his Black Amazon of Mars.

Planet Stories, March 1951.

And Leigh Brackett, Leigh. Eff-ing. Brackett. Known as the “Queen of Space Opera”, one of the best and most prolific of all the women pulp writers, she wrote dozens of short stories & novelettes for Planet Stories, Startling Stories and Thrilling Wonder Stories throughout the forties & fifties before starting a jaw dropping screenwriting career.

Her first hollywood gig? Co-writing the adaptation of The Big Sleep…with William Faulkner. She then wrote a series of westerns for John Wayne before returning to the works of Raymond Chandler with Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye.

Her Final hollywood work? A little flick called Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The Queen of Space Opera? All hail the Queen.



wip pages for a thing that will be long and meandering!

(Source: forgottenships)



Japanese magazines are frickin great

drawings by wisut ponnimit


"Gambare, Nene-chan" #1

by Kenichi Sonoda.



Have a Lucina.



オールキャスト | もひやま。@ついっと&たんぶら [pixiv]




Someone introduced me to a picture of me earlier, was published in pixiv. 

I was surprised.

Thank you.

Hisashi Moriyama

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