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So. It’s finally here: #Inktober! I’m incredibly excited to go again, but I also really hope I can keep up with all the motivated & talented artists who are participating. Anyway, here’s my entry for Day01. Let’s all get to it, friends!


Coral and the King, Part 1

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Ta-da! Now you can read my really old comic I did many moons ago. It’s my first complete comic, so it has its faults, and it’s a little depressing and the dialogue may not be as logical or flowy as it could be but I put a lot of heart into it, so I hope you enjoy it u-u

Also, I’ll be selling 30 hand-bound copies of this comic at APE in SF! (They are signed and numbered and I probably won’t print these ever again because wow so old) So if you liked it, and would like one on your bookshelf, you should buy one !  *u* 

(also sorry for blurry images, indesign did a sucky export job and fixing 40 pages is too much work for me ._.)




My personal spin on various species of dinosaurs!

Available in my shop as prints, shirts, and even tote bags if you are the toting type!

There is nothing about this picture that is not great and the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu led ad campaign for the New 3DS is amazing no I am not kidding. 

I love you Nintendo


Recent doodles from Twitter.


kylanicolle breathes life like fire. By Rick Legal

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