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Kyoto-style Cthulhu spawn.


You might remember Keigo Shinzo from this roundtable with Taiyō Matsumoto and Inio Asano which made the rounds a few weeks back; here he draws a pair of lovers fucking maniacally while Godzilla smashes their town. Note that this is *not* dōjinshi, but the artist’s contribution to a special all-Godzilla issue of the mainstream seinen magazine Big Comic Original.

(Godzilla Couple, Keigo Shinzo)


Yoh Yoshinari has a Deviantart now

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The best bosses from the best game. 

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Kill la Kill (キルラキル) animation layout corrections of Ryuko Matoi with Senketsu by Akira Amemiya (雨宮哲) working as the director for episode #3. Layouts showcased in Quarterly S Magazine (Amazon JP). 


Nonplayer pinup by Brandon Graham.

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